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  • 4. Transport

    An excellent transportation infrastructure is very important for an export oriented economy. Belgian is the perfect gateway for European transport thanks to its modern road, rail, air and marine transport system.

    a. Road transport

    Several European highways, such as the E40 run, through Belgium. Hence a big part of the European traffic passes through Belgium.

    b. Rail Transport

    Brussels' major train stations link the city to the United Kingdom by Eurostar, and to other important European cities, such as Paris, Amsterdam and Köln, by high speed rail links.

    c. Air

    Brussels is served by Brussels Airport, located in Zaventem 12 km from the centre of Brussels and by Brussels South Airport, located near Charleroi, some 50 km from Brussels. Furthermore there are the airports of Ostends, Liège and Antwerp.

    d. Shipping

    The most important Belgian port is that of Antwerp, ranked 2nd in Europe and 10th in the world. Other well-equipped ports are those of Brussels, Ghent, Ostends, Liege and Zeebrugge.

    The port of Antwerp is only 60 km from Brussels and that of Amsterdam, the largest port of Europe, is less than 2.5 hours from Brussels.

    (View on Delwaide dock, one of the largest docks at Antwerp harbor)

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