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    c. Education

    The Belgian educational system maintains a level of high quality and is very diverse. There are three educational networks in Belgium:
    • Official state education- organized by the three communities: no fee required
    • Free schools- subsidized by the provincial and municipal authorities: a minimal fee is required
    • Private schools: fee required. These schools fall outside the Belgian system mentioned above and they include the International Schools, as well as religious schools or other foreign schools operating under a different language system.
    Primary and secondary school

    Belgium has a number of International schools, three of which are European schools located in Brussels. International Schools provide education along American, British, French, Dutch, German, Scandinavian or Japanese lines.

    Belgium has several schools offering special education programmes, such as the International Montessori Schools. These schools use a specific educational method, which allows them to discover the joy of learning and develop their potential. These schools offer a complete bilingual English/French program.

    Belgium has some of the best universities in Europe and the widest ranges of course studies.


    There are four highly regarded universities in and around Brussels, two of which are French speaking:
    • the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) [WebSite]
    • the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) [WebSite]
    and two Dutch speaking universities:
    • he Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) - which also offers postgraduate degrees in English [WebSite]
    • the Katholiek Universiteit Leuven (KUL) [WebSite]
    A special institute of the VUB is the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies, which offers Chinese language courses, moving seminars and postgraduates focused on business and culture in China and in the European Union.

    Business schools

    Brussels has nine major Business Schools that provide a high quality standard of training and education, e.g. Solvay Business School and Boston University of Brussels.

    Another one is Vesalius College, a part of the Free University of Brussels. At Vesalius a U.S. style programme is used, which attracts students from over fifty countries. Britain’s Open University has study centres in Brussels offering MBA degree programs.

    Higher education

    Francisco Ferrer, the Brussels city network education, provides higher education in the areas of economics, translation and interpretation, paramedics, etc. They also offer specialised post graduate evening courses in economics, and are known for their excellence in teaching International Trade, Human resources and other subjects.

    EPHEC offers 5 graduate courses in law, marketing, accounting, and foreign trade and computer technologies.

    For training in interpretation and translation, ISTI offers an outstanding curriculum, including linguistic workshops in the evening.

    The city also has six other higher education establishments that offer vocational and technical education operating at the campus known as CERIA. Here one may find training in several areas such as: industrial engineering, chemistry, bio-chemistry, culinary arts, hotel management, landscape gardening, etc.

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